Who is John Mappin? - a Brief Biography

John Mappin is the owner of Camelot Castle Hotel.

More than just another Hotel, the Camelot Castle concept springs from John Mappin's dream to create a centre for the arts and bring together people of talent from all fields who will elevate this somewhat tired culture of ours to a new and higher level.
Pictured here with his wife Irina Mappin and celebrated artist Ted Stourton, John Mappin has begun the creation of something special at Camelot Castle Hotel.

Impressive service, an atmosphere that is relaxed and friendly and a location in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the Cornish coast near Tintagel, have fast elevated Camelot Castle to one of the most popular hotels in the UK.

Camelot Castle Hotel is so named in honour of the area in which it stands, which is believed to be the birthplace of King Arthur. It overlooks Tintagel Castle, fondly referred to as the “Diamond of Cornwall,” and which stands virtually in the Hotel's back yard.

To add to the mystique of the place, Stonehenge, one of the most mysterious sites in the world, can be easily reached from Camelot Hotel.

It is fitting that Camelot is believed to be a place not just of magic but also of great beauty, John Mappin has set out to support the work of the world’s best artists and, in November 2010, he sponsored the stay of various artists and Camelot counts many celebrities among its friends and guests.

The Camelot project is co-managed by co-owner of Camelot Hotel, prolific and acclaimed artist Ted Stourton, many of whose works belong to the private collections of some the world’s best art connoisseurs. Stourton continues to draw inspiration for his work on his studio in Camelot Hotel.

John Mappin, owner of a string of local newspapers is also renowned for his staunch stand against the efforts of psychiatry and pharmaceutical interests to inflict on the culture the mass drugging of children.

Mappin's stand and his  efforts to bring the anti-drug message to the community appear to have earned him - in an apparent endeavour to shut him up - a particularly virulent campaign of disinformation employing the planting of false stories on the internet.

Vicious as the campaign may be, it does not appear to have worked as Mr Mappin and his project at Camelot continue to flourish and advance from strength to strength.

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